180 Degree Automotive School - Phoenix, Arizona
A Phoenix-based automotive mechanic training facility.  We were asked that we incorporate the look and feel of a professional mechanic's garage into the website design.
Photos by Scott Blake - Phoenix, Arizona
An Arizona photographer specializing in fashion-model photography asked that we give his website a minimalist theme, keeping the design bright, clean, and to the point.
Metro Bartending Academy - Lyndhurst, New Jersey
Metro is a state-of-the-art fully functioning bar owned and operated by professional bartenders.  Metro was interested in having a nightclub theme throughout their website. Their logo was created with this same concept in mind.
Fuzzy Lips Pet Photography - Columbia, New Jersey
Fuzzy Lips is niche photography company specializing in photographing animals.  Fuzzy Lips requested a design that was strictly black and white so that the colors of their photographs would be the center of attention.
Scott Miranda Real Estate Agent - Phoenix Arizona
One of the Phoenix area's most reputable realtors requested a homepage for his featured properties and asked that we follow the south-west theme throughout his website and business cards.
TBS Financial - Phoenix, Arizona
TBS Financial, an Arizona real estate investing and probate firm was looking for a professional yet strong appearance for their logo and website.
Bedroxx Family Bowling - Tuscan, Arizona
Bedroxx combines a bowling alley, an arcade, a restaurant, and a sports bar all in one.  X-Plosive Works nailed the stone-age look that Bedroxx was aiming for.
AZ Real Estate Designs
This website design company for realtors requested a fresh new logo.
Flawless Beauty
X-Plosive Works was hired by this traveling skin-care company to design their logo and business cards.
Anna Vigna Massage
This massage therapist and birthing coach was looking for an Asian inspired business card
DTR Entertainment
DJ and entertainment experts DTR needed a brand new image for their logo.
Mirror Mirror Make-Up Studio
Mirror Mirror asked us to design a postcard to send to their clients promoting their new services.
Thor Choppers
This motorcycle shop was interested in a logo for their new business.
Wedding Dinner Menu
Anna and Jon hired us to design the dinner menus for their wedding.